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Black Teen Found Dead, Organs Missing

I emailed an article that included Jason Smith’s death, which the 14-year-old’s father said was a KKK killing in Louisiana. The article exposed five(5) deaths of people whose families differ with the medical examiners’ findings. See “Suicides, Accidents, and Government Cover-ups” in MaryLovesJustice blog at this link . All five families say their loved ones were murdered and that the authorities are engaging in cover-ups. When I copied the article about Jason and others into an email and sent it, only three of the four videos showed at the bottom of my Gmail screen. The Jason Smith video was missing. Therefore, to ensure that you know about little Jason’s death, which was ruled an accidental drowning, I republished his video along with some some recent radio interviews in this article. The JudicialJustice group at Facebook is working to expose Jason’s death and get closure for his family. Dr. Randy Short and Rozalyn Ratcliff lead the justice quest for Jason’s family. Some recent radio interviews by the two advocates and Jason’s father are beneath the embedded video herein. Perhaps cyberstalkers rendered the entire paragraph about Jason’s death invisible on my email, so it is repeated below, also. Mr. Smith’s audio was published on PressTV (Iranian television station) at this link:

Bruce Smith: My son was beaten, raped, murdered by KKK 

JASON SMITH STORY: A 14-year-old Louisiana youth’s death was ruled “accidental drowning,” but his father is convinced he was murdered in a racially motivated hate crime. His organs disappeared. Some people think they were taken for transplants. However, the child had been dead for hours before his body was recovered from a lake. Could all of Jason Smith’s organs have been stolen to hide the theft of his lungs, which could possibly have disproved the medical examiner’s finding of “accidental drowning”? Jason’s father alleges that his son was sexually assaulted, also, and that one of Jason’s murderers was the son of an FBI agent. Mr. Smith claims that police tried to kill him and another son on his way out of the Louisiana town when he went to make final arrangements for his son. See one of the YouTube videos about Jason Smith at this link and embedded below. Jason’s father buried his son on Father’s Day. Find other videos, radio interviews, and articles about Jason Smith by browsing online for this phrase: “Jason Smith Louisiana Organs Missing.”

<Told yall they were killin us for our organs>

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